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finished oceanic harmonies1I was raised in New York, went to school at Ohio State University for Fine Arts, moved to the West Coast where I lived in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, before moving to Raleigh NC, where I currently am an Artist and Instructor.

In my Artwork I use nature as my inspiration for forms and configurations. I am fascinated by the way light filters through ocean algae, octopus tentacles, anemones, tree roots, and branches. Music also plays an integral part within my work. I use music to help set a mood through color and composition. These paintings started me thinking about form itself. I pulled some of the configurations out of my paintings and translated them into three dimensional works. I started with white and then added color. I soon reverted back to the white deciding instead to play with light, focusing more on the form aspect of it. 

My love of nature also inspires My Creative Creatures. They are created by reusing and repurposing materials such as recycled clothing and sheets. These creatures are created without any patterns so each one is unique. They come alive with personalities of their own from the demure to the feisty. Some of my water colors were inspired by creatures that have found new homes. This gives an opportunity to capture one that got away. I am starting work on a new series of recycled collage creatures made from old magazines and catalogs that will be emerging soon. I’d like to try to keep what we can out of the landfills and give recycled items new life.