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May 28, 2018

For upcoming VAE show

Claudine originates from the Peruvian Mountain tops. She has had to migrate due to predators becoming more aggressive and plentiful. Due to this migration Claudine has evolved and taken on different attributes from different animals from around the globe. She eats a vegetarian diet. She therefore is located in areas with a high abundance of leafy greens, berries and legumes. 

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: mammalian

Order: Llamfloratitus

Family: anything and anyone wanting to join. They are a very welcoming breed

Genius: Yes they are😉

Scientific name: E  pluribus unum

Type: Integrated

Diet: Vegetarian 

Size: up to 5ft tall

Weight: up to 150lbs

Tops speed: 45miles an hour

Life span: 450 years

Lifestyle: pack

Conservation status: threatened

Color: multiple colors based on surroundings

Skin: multi due to evolution and mixture of various animals unifying to make a new species

Favorite food: Cranberries

Habitat: at this moment 

Claudine has been spotted in woodland areas.


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